A commissioned piece was the first urn I made specifically for cremation remains. That piece is the Idyl Wood Works icon image in the lower left corner. Research for that urn led me to the general rule of thumb for urns: allow 200 cubic inches (3.3 liters) for the cremated remains of a normal sized person. For perspective, that volume is approximately 0.86 gallon.

A number of the stoppered closed vessels that I make can be used as urns for smaller amounts of remains.

Examples of urns of various sizes are shown in this gallery. The overall dimensions of the piece and the contained volume are given

The threaded stoppers close tightly and, if a seal is desired, the un-threaded stoppers can be glued or wax-sealed.


Vases may be used as is for dried flower and plant arrangements. Cut flowers may be displayed by inserting a small diameter glass, metal or plastic water vase inside the wooden outer vase.

Floor vases are made bottom-heavy to allow display of longer plant stems or to hold umbrellas.